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These posters are in the stalls of the bathrooms at my university (at least in the ladies, I haven’t asked anyone if they’re in the gents too. I hope so though). Thank you National Union of Students for doing it right. If only they put these posters up in all public bathrooms

I wish App would get these.

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Anonymous asked: About that last question. I was taking about the difference between kissing a gay girl and a bi girl. I was going through a tag and just realized that post is probably a little old. Lol sorry, but I'm still curious about the difference

There really is no difference, the difference is in kissing someone who truly likes you and someone who is just trying to fuck. Sorry, hope this clears any confusion up.

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"Lake of Fire" sounds hot, literally.

"Lake of Fire" sounds hot, literally.

"preoccupancy" by austin chang (2012).
24x24”acrylic on canvas.

"preoccupancy" by austin chang (2012).

acrylic on canvas.

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